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AD712AQ Precision, Low Cost, High Speed BiFET Dual Op Amp

AD712AQ Precision, Low Cost, High Speed BiFET Dual Op Amp
تولید کننده: ANALOG DEVICES
مدل کالا: AD712AQ
موجودی: 17
قیمت: 680,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 680,000 تومان

Enhanced replacement for LF412 and TL082 AC performance

Settles to ±0.01% in 1.0 μs

 V/μs 16V/ms minimum slew rate (AD712J)

  minimum 3-MHZ unity-gain bandwidth (AD712J)

DC performance

   minimum  open-loop gain200V/MV (AD712K)

urface mount available in tape and reel in

accordance with the EIA-481A standard

MIL-STD-883B parts available

Single version available: AD711

Quad version: AD713

Available in PDIP, SOIC_N, and CERDIP packages


The AD712 is a high speed, precision, 

monolithic operational amplifier offering high

performance at very modest prices.

The very low offset voltage and offset voltage drift

are the results of advanced laser wafer trimming technology.

These performance benefits allow

the user to easily upgrade existing designs that use older

precision BiFETs and, in many cases, bipolar op amps.

The superior ac and dc performance of this op amp

makes it suitable for active filter applications.

With a slew rate of 16 V/μs and a settling time

of 1 μs to ±0.01%, the AD712 is ideal as a buffer

for 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analogto-digital converters

(ADCs) and as a high speed integrator.

The settling time is unmatched by any similar IC amplifier.

AD712AQ Original supply, US $ 7.2-8 , [ADI] Analog Devices ...

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