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MH88612BV-K1 Original BBS Subscriber Line Interface Circuit SLIC

MH88612BV-K1 Original  BBS Subscriber Line Interface Circuit SLIC
تولید کننده: Zarnilk
مدل کالا: MH88612BV-K1
موجودی: 2070
قیمت: 0 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 0 تومان

MH88612BV-K1  Subscriber  Line Interface  Circuit SLIC

Features •

Transformerless 2-wire to 4-wire conversion •

Battery and ringing feed to line. •

Off-hook and dial pulse detection. •

Ring ground over-current protection. •

Constant current feed with constant voltage foldover. •

Relay driver. •

Power Denial. •

Wide Operating Range. •

Pin for pin compatible 600R and 900R variants.


Line interface for: •


Intercoms •

Key Telephone Systems •

Control Systems


The SLIC provides a complete interface between a switching

system and a subscriber loop. Functions provided include battery

feed and ringing feed to the subscriber line, 2-Wire to 4-Wire

hybrid interfacing, constant current feed with constant voltage foldback,

and dial pulse detection. The device is fabricated

using thick film hybrid technology in a 20-pin single in-line package.

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