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ADF4159CCPZ 13GHz, fractional-N frequency synthesizer AD

ADF4159CCPZ 13GHz, fractional-N frequency synthesizer AD
تولید کننده: ANALOG DEVICES
مدل کالا: ADF4159CCPZ
موجودی: 1
قیمت: 252,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 252,000 تومان


RF bandwidth to 13 GHz High and low speed FMCW ramp generation 

25-bit fixed modulus allows subhertz frequency resolution PFD

frequencies up to 110 MHz Normalized phase noise floor of −224 dBc/Hz 

FSK and PSK functions Sawtooth, triangular, and parabolic waveform 

generation Ramp superimposed with FSK Ramp with 2 different sweep 

rates Ramp delay, frequency readback, and interrupt functions 

Programmable phase control 2.7 V to 3.45 V analog power supply 1.8 V

digital power supply Programmable charge pump currents 

3-wire serial interface Digital lock detect ESD performance: 3000 V HBM,

1000 V CDM Qualified for automotive applications 

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