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HIH-4602-C Monolithic humidity sensor with integral precision RTD in TO-5 CAN

HIH-4602-C Monolithic humidity sensor with integral precision RTD in TO-5 CAN
تولید کننده: HONEYWELL
مدل کالا: HIH-4602-C
موجودی: 1
قیمت: 2,250,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 2,250,000 تومان


Near linear voltage output vs %RH •

Laser-trimmed interchangeability •

Enhanced accuracy, fast response •

Chemically resistant •

Stable, low drift performance •

Built-in static protection •

Often ideal for dew point and absolute moisture measurements •

TO-5 housing


Refrigeration •

Drying •

Meteorology •

Battery-powered systems •

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) assemblies


HIH-4602-A/C Series Relative Humidity (RH) sensors

combine both relative humidity and temperature sensing

in a TO-5 housing with a hydrophobic sintered stainless steel filter.

The laser-trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing elements

have on-chip integrated signal conditioning.

The temperature sensor is thermally connected with the RH sensor

making the HIH-4602-A/C often ideal for measuring dew point

and other absolute moisture terms. The HIH-4602-A

contains an integral thermistor, while the HIH4602-C

contains an integral precision RTD. Factory calibration

data supplied with each sensor allows individually

matched downstream electronics and ±3.5 %RH total accuracy.

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