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مدل کالا: TNM7000
موجودی: پیش سفارش
قیمت: 8,900,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 8,900,000 تومان

توضیحات  :

پروگرامر TNM7000 یونیورسال

پشتیبانی بیش از ۲۵۰۰۰ آی سی جدید.

شناسایی خودکار آی سی.

آی سی تستر دیجیتال.

برنامه ریزی ای سی روی زیف سوکت 48 پین تا سرعت 15 مگابیت در ثانیه.

پشتیبانی ویندوزهایwindows xp/vista/7/8/10 (32bit-64bit).

آپشن گنگ(امکان اتصال چند پروگرامر TNM به یک رایانه و برنامه ریزی چند آی سی

به طور همزمان در خطوط تولید تجهیزات الکترونیکی و کارخانجات تولیدی الکترونیک).

کانکتور ISP.

پرسرعت USB2.

تامین برق از طریق USB

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  • 25000 Supported Devices  Flash Memory (Parallel / Nand /Serial) , EPROM , EEPROM , Serial EEPROM , Microcontroller , NVRAM , FRAM , CPLD , PLD , FPGA).
  • 48-Pins ZIF Socket with Pin Continuity tester & 10-Pins ISP/JTAG Connector.
  • USB 2.0 High Speed ,Program 1 Gbit Nand Flash less than 50 sec , Reading Serial Flash memory with 8 Mbit/Sec Speed.
  • Auto detection of all flash Memories/Microcontrollers with Device ID.
  • User friendly software for Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (32,64 bits).
  • Multiple Programming is possible by attaching 2 or more Programmers to one PC.
  • Very low cost Main Unit & Low cost adaptors.
  • Optional OBD cable for Vehicle ECU flashing and tuning.
  • Powerful CAN BUS analyzer (optional).
  • Free 8 channel Logic Analyzer software (using programmer pins)  and Optional 1 Channel 80Msps Digital Storage Oscilloscope Module.

TNM7000 Programmer is very fast , Low cost , High performance Universal Programmer , specially designed for supporting Flash memories , Nand flashes , Serial EEPROMS , Microcontrollers & Automotive ECU , Dashboard parts.

The Heart of TNM7000 is a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA with a designed CPU core with  96MHz Clock for fast programming of chips.

Parallel Flash Memories: up to 56 pins parallel flash memories are supported by TNM7000. it Supports different kind of packages (PLCC , TSOP1 , TSOP2 ,VSOP  & …). All Flashes can be automatically detected by software in case of unreadable device names. By using a single adaptor for all 32-48 pins TSOP flashes , user only need 1 adaptor for over 2000 flash chips.

Nand Flash Memories: TNM7000 has an additional Nand+ software , specially designed for Nand flash memories. Nand+ Software has one of the most complete list of Nand flash Memories with algorithms for correction of bad data in MLC Nand Flashes. TNM7000 is one of the fastest Nand Programmers in the world with Read & Write Speed up to 8 MegaByte per Second. All Nand Flashes can be automatically detected by software in case of unreadable or remarked device names.

Serial Flash Memories: All 8-16 Pins Serial SPI flash memories are supported by TNM7000. All SPI flash Memories can be detected automatically by software in case of unreadable device names. It reads & programs SPI flashes with maximum safe speed on ZIF (6-7 Mbit/second)  .


ATMEL: All AVR 8 bits chips (ATMEGA/ATTINY/AT90S/ATXMEGA)  are supported on ZIF Scocket & by ISP cable. High Voltage Parallel on ZIF Programming of AVR up to 64 pins is supported. newly introduced ATXMEGA Series are supported by both PDI & JTAG Method. Old C51 series & new single cycle C51 series are completely supported. All the above series can be detected automatically by TNM7000. ARM7 programming by JTAG is supported.

 Infineon: Tricore Chips by CAN boot loader , XC164x , XC23xx (air bag and ABS)  .

ST: STM32F ARM chips by SWD connector, ST10Fxx , SPC56xx series, 72Fxxx

Microchip: One of the most complete device list for microchip PIC microcontrollers including all PIC12F /PIC12C /PIC16C / PIC16F / PIC18F / DPIC33F / J & K Series. Devices up to 40 Pins can be programmed on ZIF , All PICs can be detected automatically & programmed by ISP cable.

Others:  SST, Philips (NXP) , Motorola , Syncmos, Silicon Lab , ICSI ,  Intel ,HOLTEK,  Winbond & …

Motherboard IOs : ENE /ITE / Nuvoton IO chip support by Keyboard cable.

VGA / HDMI cable LCD / TV programming: Weltrend , Realtek ,Novatek ,MST (external EEPROM/Flash).

Automotive Capabilities:

Supporting of many European / Asian Car and truck ECUs (Bosch/Delphi/Siemens / Continental/SAGEM/VAEO/Magneti Marelli) . Supporting of ST10F by ISP cable for many BOSCH/VALEO/SAGEM  ECUs . supporting of Siemens & Infineon SAK-C167 connected to 44 or 48 pins flash (Siemens/BOSCH/SAGEM S2000 ECU) .Supporting NEC & Motorola Devices for Dashboards. Bosch Infineon-Tricore ECU by GPT protocol and CAN boot loader, ECU Flashing and checksum calculation (Option). 9S12xxx series Unlock, 35080 EEPROM (All series) erase.

Software: With multiple language support (English / Chinese / Russian /polska /Arabic / French /FARSI). More languages & Devices  can be added by customer request. You Can Download Software & run it in Demo mode to evaluate it.

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