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AD8022ARZ Dual High Speed,Low Noise Op Amp 8-Lead SOIC_N

AD8022ARZ Dual High Speed,Low Noise Op Amp  8-Lead SOIC_N
تولید کننده: ANALOG DEVICES
مدل کالا: AD8022ARZ
موجودی: 20
قیمت: 420,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 420,000 تومان


The AD8022 consists of two low noise, high speed, voltage feedback amplifiers. Each amplifier consumes only 4.0 mA of

quiescent current, yet has only 2.5 nV/√Hz of voltage noise

These dual amplifiers provide wideband, low distortion performance, with high output current optimized for stability

when driving capacitive loads. Manufactured on ADI’s high voltage generation of XFCB bipolar process, the AD8022

operates on a wide range of supply voltages. The AD8022 is available in both an 8-lead MSOP and an 8-lead SOIC

. Fast over voltage recovery and wide bandwidth make the AD8022 ideal as the receive channel front end to an ADSL,

VDSL, or proprietary xDSL transceiver design

In an xDSL line interface circuit, the AD8022’s op amps can be configured as the differential receiver from the line

transformer or as independent active filters



Low power amplifiers provide low noise and low distortion, ideal for xDSL modem receiver ▉

 Wide supply range: +5 V, ±2.5 V to ±12 V voltage supply ▉

Low power consumption: 4.0 mA/Amp ▉

Voltage feedback ▉

Ease of Use ▉

Lower total noise (insignificant input current noise contribution compared to current feedback amps) ▉

Low noise and distortion ▉

   2.5nV /√Hz voltage noise▉

1.2pA /√Hz current noise ▉

MTPR < −66 dBc (G = +7) ▉

SFDR 110 dB @ 200 kHz ▉

High speed ▉

130MHZ  bandwidth (−3 dB), G = +1▉

Settling time to 0.1%, 68 ns ▉

50V/μs slew rate ▉

High output swing: ±10.1 V on ±12 V supply ▉

Low offset voltage, 1.5 mV typical▉



Receiver for ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, and proprietary xDSL systems ▉

Low noise instrumentation front end ▉

 Ultrasound preamps ▉

Active filters ▉

16-bit ADC buffers ▉


: Data Sheet

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