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EPM3256AQC208-7 QFP208 MAX 3000A Programmable Logic Device

EPM3256AQC208-7 QFP208 MAX 3000A Programmable Logic Device
تولید کننده: ALTERA
مدل کالا: EPM3256AQC208-7
موجودی: پیش سفارش
قیمت: 0 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 0 تومان

CPLD, MAX 3000A EPM3256AQC208-7N,Altera



low–cost CMOS EEPROM–based programmable logic devices

(PLDs) built on a MAX® architecture (see Table 1)

■ 3.3-V in-system programmability (ISP) through the built–in IEEE Std.

1149.1 Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface with advanced pin-locking capability

– ISP circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1532

■ Built–in boundary-scan test (BST) circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.1-1990

■ Enhanced ISP features:

– Enhanced ISP algorithm for faster programming –

ISP_Done bit to ensure complete programming –

Pull-up resistor on I/O pins during in–system programming

■ High–density PLDs ranging from 600 to 10,000 usable gates

■ 4.5–ns pin–to–pin logic delays with counter frequencies of up to 227.3 MHz

■ MultiVoltTM I/O interface enabling the device core to run at 3.3 V,

while I/O pins are compatible with 5.0–V, 3.3–V, and 2.5–V logic levels

■ Pin counts ranging from 44 to 256 in a variety of thin quad flat pack (TQFP),

plastic quad flat pack (PQFP),

plastic J–lead chip carrier (PLCC), and FineLine BGATM packages

■ Hot–socketing support

■ Programmable interconnect array (PIA) continuous routing structure for fast,

predictable performance

■ Industrial temperature range

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