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AD535KH Internally Trimmed Integrated Circuit Divider

AD535KH Internally Trimmed Integrated Circuit Divider
تولید کننده: ANALOG DEVICES
مدل کالا: AD535KH
موجودی: 10
قیمت: 650,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 650,000 تومان

Pretrimmed to :1:0.5%max Error, 10:1 Denominator Range (AD535K)

 Denominator  Range 10:1 (AD535K  <

1:2.0%max Error, 50:1 Denominator Range AD535K

( All Input~ (X, Y and Z) Differential Low Cost 

Monolithic Construction


General Analog Signal Processing

Differential Ratio and Percentage Computations

Precision AGC Loops



The AD 535 is a monolithic laser trimmed two-quadrant divider

having performance specifications previously found

only in expensive hybrid or modular products.

A maximum divider error of :1:0.5%is guaranteed for the AD535K

without any external trimming over a denominator

range of 10: 1, :1:2.0%max error over a range of 50: 1. A

maximum error of :1:1 over the 50: 1 % denominator range is guaranteed

with the addition of two external trims.

The AD535 is the first divider to offer fully differential,

high impedance operation on all inputs, including

the z-input, a feature which greatly increases

its flexibility and ease of use. The scale factor is pretrimmed to the

standard value of 10.00; by means of an external resistor,

this can be reduced by any amount down to 3.


Laser trimming at the wafer stage enables

the AD5 35 to provide high accuracies without

the addition of external trims (:to.5% max error

over a 10:1 denominator range for the AD535K).

Improved accuracies over a wider denominator

range are possible with only two external trims (:1:0.5%max

error over a 20:1 denominator range for the AD535K).

Differential inputs on the X, Yand Z input terminals

enhance the AD5 35's versatility as a generalized

analog computational circuit.

Monolithic construction permits low cost and,

at the same time, increased reliability.


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