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SFH690BT Optocouplers Phototransistor Out Single CTR 100-300% SOP-4 VISHAY

SFH690BT Optocouplers Phototransistor Out Single CTR 100-300% SOP-4 VISHAY
تولید کننده: Vishay
مدل کالا: SFH690BT
موجودی: 50
قیمت: 30,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 30,000 تومان

 : Specifications

Manufacturer : Vishay 

Product Category : Transistor Output Optocouplers 

Mounting Style : SMD/SMT 

Package / Case : SOP-4 

Number of Channels : 1 Channel 

Isolation Voltage : 3750 Vrms 

Output Type : NPN Phototransistor 

If - Forward Current : 50 mA 

Vf - Forward Voltage : 1.4 V 

Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage : 70 V 

Maximum Collector Current : 100 mA 

Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage : 300 mV 

Rise Time : 3 us 

Fall Time : 4 us 

Vr - Reverse Voltage : 6 V 

Pd - Power Dissipation : 150 mW 

Minimum Operating Temperature : - 55 C 

Maximum Operating Temperature : + 100 C 

Packaging : Reel 

Packaging : Cut Tape 

Packaging : MouseReel 

Brand : Vishay Semiconductors 

Configuration : 1 Channel 

Current Transfer Ratio : %100 

Height : 2.03 mm 

Length : 4.67 mm 

Product Type : Transistor Output Optocouplers 

 Factory Pack Quantity : 2000 

Subcategory : Optocouplers 

Width : 4.83 mm 


  : Features

SOP (small outline package) 
 Isolation test voltage, 3750 VRMS (1 s) 
High collector emitter breakdown voltage, VCEO = 70 V 
Low saturation voltage 
Fast switching times 
Temperature stable 
Low coupling capacitance 
End-stackable, 0.100" (2.54 mm) spacing 
High density mounting or space sensitive PCBs 
The SFH690ABT, SFH690AT, SFH690BT, SFH690CT, SFH690DT family has a GaAs infrared emitting diode
emitter, which is optically coupled to a silicon planar phototransistor detector, and is incorporated in a 4 pin
100 mil lead pitch miniflat package. It features a high current transfer ratio, low coupling capacitance
and high isolation voltage
The coupling devices are designed for signal transmission between two electrically separated circuits
The SFH690 series is available only on tape and reel. There are 2000 parts per reel
Marking for SFH690AT is 690A; SFH690BT is 690B; SFH690CT is 690C; SFH690DT is 690D
SFH690ABT will be marked as 690A or 690B







  : Data Sheet

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