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SN74HCT240DW SO-20 WIDE Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Inverting 3-ST CMOS

SN74HCT240DW SO-20 WIDE Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Inverting 3-ST CMOS
تولید کننده: TEXAS
مدل کالا: SN74HCT240DW
موجودی: 100
قیمت: 40,000 تومان
قیمت بدون مالیات: 40,000 تومان

: Specifications

Manufacturer : Texas Instruments 

Product Category : Buffers & Line Drivers 

Number of Input Lines : 8 Input 

Number of Output Lines :8 Output 

Polarity : Inverting 

High Level Output Current : - 6 mA 

Low Level Output Current : 6 mA 

Quiescent Current : 8 uA 

Supply Voltage - Max : 5.5 V 

Supply Voltage - Min : 4.5 V 

Operating Supply Current : 80 uA 

Minimum Operating Temperature : - 40 C 

Maximum Operating Temperature : + 85 C 

Mounting Style : SMD/SMT 

Package / Case : SOIC-20 

Packaging : Tube 

Brand : Texas Instruments 

Function : Buffer/Line Driver 

Height : 2.35 mm 

Input Signal Type : Single-Ended 

Length :12.8 mm 

Logic Family : HCT 

Logic Type : CMOS 
Number of Channels : 8 
Operating Supply Voltage : 5 V 
Output Type : 3-State 
Product Type : Buffers & Line Drivers 

Propagation Delay Time : 42 ns at 4.5 V, 38 ns at 5.5 V 

 Factory Pack Quantity : 675 

Subcategory : Logic ICs 

Supply Current - Max : 8 uA 

Technology : CMOS 

Width : 7.52 mm 

Unit Weight : 0.017662 oz 


: Features

 Operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V 

High-current outputs drive up to 15 LSTTL loads 

Low power consumption, 80-μA max ICC 

Typical tpd = 12 ns 

±6mA output drive at 5 V 

Low input current of 1 μA max 

Inputs are TTL-voltage compatible 

3state outputs drive bus lines or buffer memory address registers 


  :  Description

These octal buffers and line drivers are designed specifically to improve both the performance and

density of 3-state memory address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented receivers and transmitters

The ’HCT240 devices are organized as two 4-bit buffers/drivers with separate output-enable (OE) inputs

When OE is low, the device passes inverted data from the A inputs to the Y outputs

.When OE is high, the outputs are in the high-impedance state


  : Data Sheet

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